• Why would I use Sintoro over an in house marketing resource/team?

    There are plenty of advantages in using Sintoro, so much so we wrote an entire page on it!
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  • Why am I not getting the leads I want?

    A: There could be a variety of reasons but the most common one we see: What you think of your business, and what you therefore think you clients think of you, doesn’t translate into your current marketing efforts. Confusing and obscure marketing is often a major cause of you missing out on leads when your competitors always seem to get them.

    The question we would ask is: Are you clearly communicating with your clients on why it is they should buy from you? Start there and it’ll go a long way to answering your question.

  • What should a good marketing program look like?

    A: From our perspective, one that has a clear, succinct strategy and easily understand plan to achieve it. You need to have a well thought out path forward, with the ability to be flexible as the market shifts around you, that gives your program a chance of succeeding.

    Off the back of that, you can then create actionable steps to get you there. Those steps should have clear goals/KPI’s so you know what success is.

  • Are there leads for me out there?

    The answer is always: Yes! You just need a program that focuses on driving them to your business…rather than your competitors.

  • What’s the best marketing activity for me to do?

    A: Good question. There are a lot of different marketing activities and channels for you to push it through.

    The answer is often specific to your business and industry: Hence why at Sintoro we always suggest a strategic plan as the starting point. Often the end result is a mix of marketing activities.

    But if you asked us, the most important part of your marketing activity is consistency: You need to have a consistent message to your market covering what value your business delivers for them.

  • Does my marketing program have to be entirely digital?

    A: In the digital age we’re in, chances are the vast majority of your program will be targeting your prospective clients online. It’s a core part of your marketing program.

    That said, there’s still merit in more ‘old school’ marketing activities that may benefit your business. At Sintoro we help our clients across all marketing disciplines, so we focus on activity that best suits you, not trying to ram one marketing method down your throat.