Content and thought leadership

Content and thought leadership

Content is a big buzzword in marketing; it has been for years. But what does it really mean? It means all of the marketing collateral, whether it is written, video, graphic, online, offline, blogs, vlogs, etc, that helps your clients understand what it is you do, how you do it for them, and why it gives them a result. It shows them that you understand your market and how the factors that impact their life or business can be solved better by using your product and/or service.

Sintoro provides our marketing retainer clients with a virtual content service that is second to none. We will help you tell your clients why they should work with you over your competition.

All your marketing content in one place

Sintoro will deliver you a range of different content types, all from your own virtual marketing team who understand you and your business.

  • Written marketing content

    Written marketing content

    Regardless of whether you want a thought leadership blog or an industry-leading whitepaper on where your market is heading, Sintoro has the right solution for you. Our in-house team of content creators can write, editand proof all of your marketing content to ensure it has the maximum level of impact.

  • Marketing &sales collateral

    Marketing &sales collateral

    Sintoro can help you create all of your marketing and sales collateral, regardless of whether it is print, digital, or video. That means we’ll own the whole process, from writing and storyboards to design and execution.

  • Blogs and thought leadership

    Blogs and thought leadership

    Want to be a rock star in your industry? Our team is the best at creating thought leadership content that positions you as the leader in your field. Our content creators can deliver thought leadership that covers a wide range of topic and knowledge areas, rightfully positioning your business as the winning choice you knowit is.

  • Video content

    Video content

    We all know video killed the radio star, but do you realise how important video is to your digital marketing efforts? If you haven’t heard it already: It’s critical. Sintoro are the experts in creating video storyboards and strategies that get results. We then work with our partner agency to create what is often described as the best value for money video content around.

  • Graphic and infographic content

    Graphic and infographic content

    They say a picture can tell a thousand words and in marketing this often rings true.Sintoro can help you with your graphic style content too. Whether it’s an infographic spelling out why your solution solves a problem or a social media tile to drive a campaign, our in-house graphic design team can build it for you. We can design anything you can imagine in a way that conveys exactly what your business is trying to achieve.

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