Campaign  management

Campaign management

Say all you want about marketing, but in the end, your marketing program is designed to help you win more business. The fundamental, basic function of in any marketing program should be to engage your target buyer and give you the opportunity to close them as client.

Sintoro is the lead generation expert, focused on helping our clients deliver ongoing and lasting results.

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We work across campaigns in every marketing discipline imaginable, and can help you execute:
  • Digital campaigns, both inbound and outbound
  • SEO and SEM programs
  • Social media marketing and advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Events, both online and face to face
  • Partner joint planning and campaigns
  • Traditional print marketing
  • Sales automation campaigns

Any campaign, on any platform

Sintoro has expertise right across the marketing spectrum, so we can execute multiple different types of campaigns. Sintoro will help you plan and develop the right lead generation activities to help you drive more leads and close more sales.

Our team doesn’t try to pigeonhole you into a campaign program that doesn’t work. We’ll test and tweak our programs, using both our background knowledge and skills, combined with live data from the campaigns we execute on your behalf, to ensure we are delivering a marketing program that gives you the quality of leads you need.

Marketing automation –   we give you options

Marketing automation – we give you options

Marketing automation is crucial to a winning program, particularly in delivering your digital marketing activities. Automating marketing means that you can target more prospects faster, easier, and with more accuracy.

Sintoro is a Platinum Partner of Hubspot, of one of the worlds leading marketing automation tools for businesses of all sizes. We can scope, deliver, design, and code solutions within the Hubspot software that will ensure it works perfectly for your business. With a range of options, Hubspot is our preferred marketing platform.

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