About us

We started Sintoro with a simple philosophy: Good marketing starts with strong strategy and marketing must lead to revenue.

Our entire team is dedicated to bringing your business results. No bull.

Sintoro is focused on helping you generate revenue: We’ll help you build an approach that hits your goals, generating more leads, new clients, and better cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. We’ve helped many small and medium businesses to do just that. Our team has a track record in delivering strategy and programs that make our clients money. Whatever your goal, we have a specialist that can help you achieve it.


Our  approach  mean?

Our approach

Our approach is to build the right strategy to reach your clients and then help you execute it. We cover everything in the marketing and sales space with a practical, straightforward approach that focuses less on jargon and more on results. So whether it’s running your marketing program, training your sales team, or thrashing out a strategy everyone can get behind, we’re the right partner to help you make it happen.

We created Sintoro because we knew that small businesses need marketing. It’s crucial to growth: In a world that’s becoming more competitive every day, your marketing effort can bethe difference between winning and losing. We believe marketing should drive your business strategy. It helps you focus on your client, how to engage them and how to deliver value that they’ll pay for.

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What the hell does  Sintoro  mean?

What the hell does Sintoro mean?

When we rebranded our business in 2020, we wanted a new name that reflected our approach to marketing and sales, namely ‘no bull’. We were sick of hearing marketers and agencies talking like they swallowed a dictionary and decided to invent their own indecipherablecode to describe what they did. It was less about results and more about them justifying their own value. But their approach ultimately didn’t achieve results: It simply confused people and turned marketing into a circus.

We take our name from the Spanish words ‘Sin’ and “Toro’, meaning ‘without bull’. It accurately sums up our approach: No rubbish, no jargon, just results.

Meet the core Sintoro team

Luke Maddison
Co-FounderDirector of Marketing Services

Luke is a career sales and marketing guy.

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Jeremy Plint
Co-FounderDirector of Design Services

Jeremy is the elder statesman of the team.

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Nicola CraftHead of Strategy

Nic is Sintoro’s strategist extraordinaire.

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Melissa HallHead of Content and Digital

Melissa is our resident content guru and word nerd.

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Our wider team

Sintoro employs a range of digital, content, copywriting and design resources across our business. If you work with our team, you’ll most likely work with the entire Sintoro team as we rollout your program.

While our team all has extensive experience, we know you need a dedicated point of contact. You will always have a dedicated account manager who is your first point of call in any engagement.

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Our partner agencies

Sintoro partners with a range of agencies to deliver some additional services as a part of our virtual marketing team engagement. These businesses operate as an extension of our team, and provide you with best-in-class services, all managed and directed by Sintoro.

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